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Below you will find a list of all the different types of closet systems that we make here at Closets to Go. Each is fully customizable to your needs and space. Note that some closet system types are not available from our closet design software as they can only be designed by our staff.

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Michael Sheehan., San Jose, CA


I recently received my two closet orders and wanted to give your group some feedback. I was pretty edgy about ordering this type of product Online, however, the ease and versatility of your Online Designer was great. As I was working through the layout a measurement question came up and I called your toll free number and received an immediate (and correct) answer.

Now, here’s one of the best parts. I placed my order at about 10am and received notification of shipment that same day. That impressed me. I received the order just a couple of days later to find everything complete, not damaged with all necessary hardware and instructions.

The only challenge I had was in placing two orders at the same time. Perhaps I was just brain fading and couldn’t figure out how to place my two closet layouts within one billing event. So, I simply placed two orders back-to-back.

Of course having two separate orders led to concerns of receiving them at different times creating a potential argument between my two sons on who is going to get their closet done first. Well, that didn’t happen, you guys took notice on the two similar names and addresses and combined the order to have them shipped both at once. Nice work.

When I received the order I quickly noticed a couple of the boxes were banged around pretty good during shipment. I fully expected to find some damage to the contents causing a delay in getting the closets built and difficulty with my boys being disappointed. I’m not sure I have ever received shipments that were packed as well as yours. There was box damage, there was packing material damage, however there was no damage to the box contents. I was impressed yet again.

Well it was time for a home project. I don’t do many home projects; I just throw money at them so I can spend more time doing what I do best at my job. In any case my brother-in-law and I start opening the boxes to get organized and get these things built. Another pleasant surprise; everything was clearly marked as to what item belongs to what closet. Finally it’s time to put them together and of course in the back of my mind I’m saying, OK, what’s going to be missing, what’s not going to fit and what’s going to be broken or what am I going to break due to cheap material and poor workmanship?

None of my concerns came true, everything fit, nothing was broke, quality was excellent and nothing was missing. In fact I had several additional screws and such to insure a completed project. In a time where good customer care is hard to come by it was a great pleasure to experience not just good customer care but exceptional customer care. Thank you very much. So, in closing I like to thank your design team, your sales team, your shipping department, your web master and finally your management group for putting together an exceptional team and impressive and functional infrastructure. Several of my family members and friends now have your web site location and I happily will tell others. Thanks again for your great teamwork.  

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